PTE Wriging tips

Essay writing:  200 – 300 words


“Vegetarianism is a more ethical practice that eating meat.”

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with this statement.

Support  your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own

Experience or observations.


  1. Introduction: (Background statement -> Rewrite the question -> This essay will ..)
    Vegetarianism has become increasingly popular in recent times. People often choose to become vegetarian because it is considered to be more ethical than being a meat eater. This essay will discuss the reasons why vegetarianism is in fact a much more ethical eating practice when compared to eating meat.
  2. Argument 1: (Opening sentence -> Support sentence -> Evidence -> Closing Sentence)
    Vegetarianism is more ethical than eating meat because it does not harm animals. Clearly, harming animals causes suffering, which is unethical. For example, millions of chickens are killed each day for human consumption. Vegetarians do not participate in the killing of animals, which is a much more ethical practice than eating meat.
  3. Argument 2: (Opening sentence -> Support sentence -> Evidence -> Closing Sentence)
    Vegetarianism is also much more ethical than eating meat because its impact on the environment is far less. Growing vegetables is good for the environment, whereas farming animals impacts the environment. Beef cattle, for instance, destroy topsoil and damage the atmosphere. Vegetarianism is a more ethical  practice because it does not harm the natural world.
  4. Conclusion



Introduction: veg. much more ethical

Argument 1: = veg. better for animals

Argument 2: = veg. better for environment


Argument 1 & 2 both should be related to ethical



Introduction = agree

Argument 1 = argee

Argument 2 = argee


Introduction = disagree

Argument 1 = disagree

Argument 2 = disagree


Introduction = agree/disagree

Argument 1 = agree/disagree

Argument 2 = agree/disagree


Summarize written text: 5 to 75 words

  1. Who did what.
  2. Who did what, which did what.
  3. Who did what that did what.
  4. Who did what when who did what.
  5. Who did what and did what.

PTE Speaking tips

Describe image:

  1. Introduction: title +x-axis
  2. Body: Describe 3 key features => highest, lowest
  3. Conclusion: One sentence summary: prediction or reason


Idea to describe Pie Chart in speaking…….

The images describes/shows (the description/title of image) in (percentage/millions….) for different [topics].

It is clear from the image that the maximum/highest/most in subject ……. and/where as the minimum /lowest/least/ is subject.

The highest number is (subject with number ) which is followed by (second highest)

Subject and number, which is nearly (half/double/and one third/triple) of other subject.

Subject 3 and subject 4 number 3 and number 4 respectively.

Subject 5 contribute the lowest/minimum/least among the subjects which is number 5.


Idea to describe  Line Chart & Bar Chart in describe image speaking……

The graph describes [Description of the graph, In amount/ percentage {info in Y-axis} from period-0 to period-999 (information from x-axis)

It is clear from the graph that….(The highest is from period 1 and the lowest from period 2)/subjects had increased/decreased over the period).

Where as in period 1 the subject is number 1, in peroid 2 the subject is number 2.

Subject has increased/decreased from number 1 to number 2 between period 1 and period 2, which is significant increase/decrease.